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Welcome to the World of Litchtungwold

The plane of Litchtungwold is the place you call home. Generally referred to as the Material Plane, this is the only world you’ve ever known. Sage scholars and reverent mystics have whispered tales of realms vast and beyond imagination, but such tales concern gods and heroes and are far beyond your grasp.

Revilar is a human nation located on the western edge of Suuripuolikuun.

Rostenbourg is a quaint mountain village where little ever happens. The villagers go about their daily lives without the slightest hint of what transpires in the greater world around them; for the citizens of Rostenbourg, the world ends at the Dark Forest and the Sholukkharb Mountain Range beyond.

The church in this small village has been experiencing some trouble, and you’ve been sent to lend aid in whatever way you can.

Home Page

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