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A Traveller’s Guide to Revilar


The Traveller’s Guide to Revilar has been developed as a working tool and reference source for those of you who want to explore the beautiful, untouched wilds and unique, diverse local culture of Revilar. This manual contains the information you need to guide you in your travels, from the simplest encounter with a local merchant to the most dangerous encounter ferocious wildlife.

This reference guide is not designed to teach the basics of adventuring. If you don’t already have a working knowledge of how to survive the perils of a life of travel, this guide will be of little help to you. The Traveller’s Guide to Revilar is just that: a guide. Like most guides, your ability to apply the information creatively really depends on how much knowledge you have about the subject. In other words if you are a novice explorer you will not be able to use all the facts and tips in this book until you expand your current knowledge and abilities.

Good luck, traveller, and may the Angels’ light guide your step.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Culture
Chapter 2: Religion
Chapter 3: Politics
Chapter 4: Geography
Chapter 5: Races
Chapter 6: Lore

Main Page

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